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Chippie Postpaid 3-in-1 bundles bring you maximum savings to surf, talk and text at the best possible rates with the convenience of a monthly bill.

Whether you're an occasional or frequent user, subscribe to the plan that best suits you TODAY! MOBILE INTERNET

Use your Mobile Internet bundle anywhere in Chippieland* MINUTES & SMS

Use your Minutes & SMS bundles for**: *Calls & SMS to Chippie numbers on St. Maarten/ Saint Martin *Calls & SMS to Chippieland* *Calls & SMS to other mobile operators on St. Maarten/ Saint Martin *Calls to Fixed line operators on St. Maarten, Saint Martin, Saba & St. Eustatius

ADD MORE Take control of you mobile expenses by adding more only when you need it!

Add extra minutes, SMS or data anytime, anywhere by sending a simple activation SMS to shortcode 5454. You can even check your remaining balance anytime by SMS!

Know exactly what you’ve used and what you have left by sending BUNDLE VAL to 5454 OTHER ADVANTAGES OF OUR POSTPAID SERVICE

-Your service is always available with the convenience of a monthly bill
-Call at the most attractive international rates directly from your mobile phone
-Roaming and data roaming protection for continued service while traveling abroad
-Reduced call and SMS rates apply when you've used your bundle minutes & SMS: $0.20 per minute, $0.10 per SMS & $0.10 per MB.

Purchased minutes, SMS and data are available for use during the bundle duration of 30 days.

If depleted before, additional minutes, SMS and data can be purchased with the Add-on plans listed in the Add-ons section.

Additionally purchased minutes, SMS & data that are not used within the bundle duration expire when the bundle duration has elapsed and do not roll over *Chippieland applies when you are using the Chippie network on the other islands that Chippie is also available.

Chippie is available in St. Maarten, Saint Martin, St. Barths, Saba, St. Eustatius, Curacao, Bonaire. St. Kitts & Nevis **while placing a call or sending SMS while located on St. Maarten or Saint Martin

Document requirements

Proof of Address (Census, GEBE)
Deposit of ANG 150
Purchase Phone (NO CHEQUES)
Minimum Age 21
Bank Letter
Job Letter
Banking Info
Last 2 Pay Slips
Last 2 Bank Statements
If Not From SXM, Proof of Residency

Chamber Registration no older than 1 year
Valid ID of the person who’s name is on Chamber
Authorized letter for person who will be managing or handling the account and name is not on Chamber
ID of authorized person

Price info

Monthly Recurring fee: